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An online course designed for Innovators in the Maintenance and FM world who want to stay on top of their game and thrive in the age of Maintenance 5.0.

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Who is this for?

The IFM Innovators Programme is especially designed for Maintenance and FM professionals looking to stay on top of the latest trends, challenges and tech in the industry, and to gain a competitive edge for the coming years by embracing the paradigm shift brought about by Maintenance 5.0 .

What will you learn?

By the end of this course, you should have a firm grasp of:

Course curriculum

A quick overview of the course structure and material you can expect.

Understanding the current paradigm shift and setting the foundations for present-focused and future-ready operations. The following resources are included:

  • The Future of Maintenance: A Guide to Maintenance 5.0
  • Remote & Automated: What’s Next for Facility Management?
  • The Potential of 5G Technology in Maintenance
  • Maintenance Operations Management: Improving With Technology

Learning to make the most out of your resources and making your whole operation – from your team to your buildings – more efficient. The following resources are included:

  • Reactive Maintenance: Definition, Advantages and Examples
  • How Can You Avoid Reactive Maintenance: A Whitepaper
  • The Ultimate Guide to Maintenance Management Efficiency
  • Team Management: Building the Pillars for Efficiency
  • Maintenance Indicators: The KPIs for Efficient Management
  • Lean Maintenance for Dummies

Increasing control over your operation and streamlining work through effective communication with teams, clients and suppliers. The following resources are included:

  • IMMP: A New Era of Control Over Your Operations
  • Communication in FM & Maintenance 30 Ways of Ensuring a Smooth Flow of Information
  • Client Management in FM: How to Promote Transparency
  • “What Cannot Be Measured, Cannot Be Managed”: Data-driven Building Maintenance
  • How to track technician performance

Understanding the concept and advantages of integrated maintenance operations and following a foolproof roadmap to implement them. The following resources are included:

  • Introduction to Integrated Maintenance
  • Roadmap to Integrated Maintenance Operations
  • Integrating Maintenance and Invoicing Software
  • Top Integrations with an IMMP

Staying on top of the current trends, challenges and opportunities for 2022 and beyond. The following resources are included:

  • Maintenance Trends and Challenges for 2022
  • Facility Management Trends and Challenges for 2022
  • Hospitality Trends and Challenges for 2022
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Maintenance Trends 2022-2030
  • Maintenance Statistics [2018-2021]: Challenges, Trends, and Metrics
  • Maintenance and FM Challenges: The Thoughts and Opinions of 11 Industry Experts

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The IFM Innovators Programme is an opportunity to understand the paradigm shift of Maintenance 5.0 and to prepare for the coming challenges.

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