Effortlessly prioritise and track maintenance work orders.

Tired of missing deadlines and mishandling work orders? Infraspeak simplifies work order management by allowing you to create, assess, prioritise, and measure all of your maintenance work orders in one single intelligent platform.

Don’t worry, it’s free and zero commitment!

Don’t worry, it’s free and zero commitment!


A platform for intelligence

Infraspeak connects teams, facilities, software and hardware, whilst providing you with the intelligence and automation required to streamline tasks, optimise resource allocation and make your operations more efficient.

Stay on top of all that’s happening

With easier access to data and KPIs, you’re able to streamline work order management, allocate resources more efficiently, cut costs … and much more!

Centralise all your information

Get real-time access to all the data and information you need such as asset details, work order history and technical documents on your smartphone.

Transform your operations with automation

Modernise your operation by automating workflows, creating and assigning work orders to the right technician automatically and preventing errors.

The glass-shattering tool your competition is using

Get reactive and preventive maintenance under control

Managers, field teams and even building users can create and access the progress status of work orders, streamlining the entire process and greatly reducing reaction times.

Stop worrying about breakdowns:

• Report equipment failures in seconds through Infraspeak.

• Automate work order assignment based on technician specialisation.

• Automatically schedule preventive maintenance tasks.

Centralised asset management

Know the status of your assets at any time and control their criticality, preventing safety hazards and increasing their useful lifespan.

Say cheerio to unplanned downtime:

• Access asset data from anywhere and on-the-go in your smartphone

• Get real-time insights on asset performance, downtime, MTBF, and MTTR.

• Track asset health over time with complete work order history.

Ensure 100% compliance, every time

Meet your service quality standards, ensure full compliance with legal regulations and improve customer satisfaction with a platform that makes SLA management simple.

Never miss a deadline again:

• Create customised SLAs for maintenance work.

• Check SLA status and deadlines for each work order at any time.

• Automate quality control with custom audits.

Turn your data into opportunities

Track crucial KPIs, build personalised dashboards and access dozens of powerful reports which shed light on all corners of your operation — assets, compliance, costs and more!

Make the right decision, at the right time:

• Access dozens of KPIs and share the data with your team.

• Track work order costs to lower maintenance spend.

• Automatically generate and send maintenance, utilities, and expense reports.

Full visibility into your operations

Infraspeak Maps gives managers full visibility over ongoing work orders by plotting them on a real-life map that identifies each building, asset and team member.

Start taking advantage of Maps:

• Connect the Maps add-on and enable coordinate sharing.

• Locate your team, equipment and work orders at a glance and on-the-go.

• Technicians can follow directions to jobs through the mobile app.

Communication is Key

In-app messaging tools allow building users to attach notes with important details to their maintenance requests, flagging any urgent matter to their team, managers or customers.

Everything you need, on your smartphone:

• Keep field teams and end-users in the loop with push notifications.

• Access and manage any work order from your fingertips.

• Request and send quotes through Infraspeak Direct.

Procurement and collaboration made easy

The Infraspeak Network™ is a shared workspace that brings collaboration to procurement and work-execution between facility managers and third-party providers.

Work as one without leaving Infraspeak’s platform:

• Expand your Client/Supplier base and book of contacts.

• Manage quote requests, proposals and purchase of stock.

Execute contracted maintenance work more efficiently.

Why do leading maintenance teams choose Infraspeak?

It’s a platform

Infraspeak empowers you to build a solution fit for your unique operational challenges.

It’s intelligent

Our IMMP’s intelligent core provides you with alerts, suggestions and forecasts based on the specific needs of your operation.

It’s collaborative

The Infraspeak Network™️ allows you to experience end-to-end collaboration from Quote to Job Done just one click away.

The numbers speak for themselves

Here’s what you can achieve by using Infraspeak’s building maintenance platform.

reduction in repair times.
0 %
boost in SLA compliance rates
0 %
reduction in unpredictable maintenance costs
0 %

Streamlined communication for the whole team

For managers

Manage work execution, deal with third-party providers, control costs and chat with your teams whenever you need it.

For field teams

Use Infraspeak Mobile™ to check your schedule, access equipment details and even provide updates on ongoing work.

For building users

Use Infraspeak Direct™ to quickly submit maintenance requests directly onto the platform, streamlining the entire process.

Infraspeak Manager™ allows you to manage work orders, approve quotes and chat with your field teams wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Field teams use Infraspeak Mobile™ to view their schedules, access equipment details and even provide updates on ongoing work.

Infraspeak Direct™ lets end users quickly submit maintenance requests directly onto the platform, streamlining the entire process.

We’re with you every step of the way

The most integrated and integrable platform around

Whether you’re expanding your operation, investing in IoT or simply avoiding disruption by keeping your existing software, Infraspeak scales with your business by integrating it with the right tool at the right time.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Here’s what our customers have to say.

Your data is safe with us

The protection of your data is our priority. Our security features prevent your data from being lost, corrupted or falling into the wrong hands.

Data Protection

All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. We run constant data backups to keep your data protected.

GDPR & UK Data Protection Act Ready

Comply with GDPR, UK Data Protection Act and SCHREMS and sign a Data Processing Agreement.

99.9% uptime guarantee

We ensure your peace of mind by guaranteeing that Infraspeak will be available when you need it.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find what you’re looking for?
We’re happy to help.

An IMMP like Infraspeak is a clear improvement over other Work Order Software options due to its advanced data analytics, innovative procurement and collaboration capabilities, powerful integrations with other software and greater flexibility. An IMMP is a comprehensive solution right off the bat, regardless of your company size and industry.

If you’re interested in using Infraspeak, click “Schedule a demo” to get in contact with a specialist — they’ll walk you through the whole process, show you the platform in action and present the plan that best fits your organisation.

With the support of a specialised team and a dedicated Customer Success Manager, the whole implementation process is easy and happens in a short time. Infraspeak customers can have the system up and running in as little time as 2 weeks!

Infraspeak is an extremely adaptable and customisable platform. Companies of all sizes, from the smallest to the largest, use it and love it! It’s suitable for any business with maintenance and facility management operations and can be customised to your specific needs.

Our intelligent platform is extremely user friendly. Many clients come to us with the same concern because they don’t have a culture of technological innovation in their companies but adaptation is never a problem. In no time your team will not want to work any other way!

Our pricing plans are customised, just like our platform. You can get the best quote for your operation, team size and segment by scheduling a demo with one of our experts and asking for a personalised quote.

Infraspeak is the most integrated and integrable platform on the market. In addition to the integrations you find on this page, we integrate with dozens more. If we still don’t integrate with the software you use, talk to one of our specialists, we’ll do our best to meet your needs.

Do you want to see Infraspeak in action?

See how Infraspeak can make your operations truly flexible, connected and intelligent.

See how Infraspeak can make your operations truly flexible, connected and intelligent. Here’s how the process works:

Here’s how the process works:

1. We’ll chat for 15 minutes to learn how Infraspeak can help you.

2. You’ll get a personalised tour of the platform of up to 45 minutes.

3. You’ll receive your investment and implementation plans.

4. Done! You’re ready to get started with Infraspeak.

Ready to get started?