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Infraspeak makes facility management easier by connecting your assets, teams, software and IoT in a single, intelligent platform, and turning collected data into real action.

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It’s time to lose your sheet and enter the Age of Intelligence.

The Old-fashioned Way

Still using paper, spreadsheets or a CMMS? Then, you probably face some of these challenges:

The Infraspeak Way

Bring your operations into the world of data, intelligence and automation with an Intelligent Maintenance Management Platform.

Why do Facility Managers
choose Infraspeak?

Connect your platform to a
world of software

Infraspeak integrates with dozens of tools your team already uses and loves... and many more!

SAP / Sage / XERO


Power BI

Siemens / Wattsense / PRIAC

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Learn how other companies are using Infraspeak to have full control over their teams, buildings and operations.

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